We have rebranded to bounty0x.io

We Launch Bounty Campaigns

Bounty campaigns have already become the most popular and effective marketing strategy for token sales. At BlockBounty we plan, launch, market and manage your bounty campaign.

Before contacting us: We receive many inquiries every day. Therefore, we require our customers to present a business plan or a whitepaper draft before engaging any business discussion.

Why choose BlockBounty?

By choosing us to launch your bounty campaign you can:

✅ Focus entirely on developing your product/ service

✅ Avoid an overwhelmed support team

✅ Achieve better results

Best practices

We have analyzed over a dozen bounty campaigns so far. This allowed us to gain a very deep insight into the industry. Some of the best practices that we observed are:

✅ Distribute bounty tokens two weeks after the token hits exchanges. This gives the price 2 weeks to grow before bounty hunters start to sell their tokens. 

✅ Do a small marketing campaign directed at bounty token holders. The objective is to make them become early adopters of your product or service, and to convince them to hold their bounty tokens for the long-term.

✅ Make a public participants list. Contributors can then immediately see if their work got accepted and how many "stakes" they receive in exchange. This is an excellent strategy for boosting the motivation and confidence of bounty hunters.